Van conversions

What is a wheelchair accessible/converted vehicle?

A wheelchair accessible conversion is a vehicle (usually a minivan, full size van, car or truck) which has been modified to allow for wheelchair access. Individuals enter the vehicle while in their wheelchair by means of either a manual fold-out, or powered retracting ramp via the side or rear of the vehicle.

What models of vehicle are able to be converted?

VMI conversions include the Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country, and the full size Ford E-350.

Other vehicles may be “converted” to allow for:

  • Hand controls
  • Patient lifts
  • Equipment lifts
  • Even off road Recreational Vehicles

Visit our Vehicle Adaptations section of the website for further details and information

What seating will be eliminated in my vehicle after the conversion?

Depending on the size of vehicle and the conversion style you choose, either the rear or middle seating will be lost to make room for the conversion and wheel chair. Front driver and passenger seats are generally removable and can be used in conjunction with either a retractable tie down or docking station to allow users to sit in either of the front seat areas.

How does the wheelchair securely lock into the van?

The two most widely used methods of securing either a power or manual wheelchair in place in an accessible vehicle are with retractable tie-down restraints, or a floor mounted Lock docking system. The retractable tie-down restraints are versatile and will work with most wheelchairs/scooters without any major modifications.

A docking system is an easier to use time saving option but requires each piece of equipment to be fitted with a custom component that locks the wheelchair into the docking system. This type of system allows users to be in either the driver or passenger seating area without having to transfer out of their wheelchair. See our Vehicle Adaptation Section for product information

Will modifying a van or vehicle void the manufacturer’s warranty?

No. Having a vehicle modified by an approved conversion manufacturer or NMEDA certified conversion company will not void its warranty. Conversion company’s work closely with automakers to ensure OEM vehicle integrity is not compromised and build quality remains as close to the same as the original manufacturer. This holds true for van conversions, patient lift systems and equipment lift systems.

Where do I take my vehicle for regular repairs and maintenance?

Conversion related repairs and maintenance are completed by us at any one of our three locations or at any certified VMI Sales and Service Department across Canada or the U.S.A.

Driving controls and hand control maintenance and repairs should be completed by the closest NMEDA Authorized dealer to ensure a certified trained technician is completing the installation or repairs to your equipment.

Vehicle related repairs and maintenance issues are supported by the closest manufacturer dealership.

Where are the VMI vehicle conversions completed?

VMI conversion vehicles are built in Phoenix Arizona using vehicles shipped from Canada for Canadian customers.

Advanced Mobility Products is an authorized dealer for VMI Vehicle Conversions while working closely with Can- Am Mobility in Kelowna. Vehicles bound for the lower mainland from Arizona are shipped to Adesa in Richmond BC and delivered to our Burnaby location for inspection, PDI and delivery anywhere in the lower mainland.

Hand control & patient/equipment lifts are installed and service in any of our 3 locations by one of our trained and Certified NMEDA Installation Experts.

Is the actual purchase of a vehicle made through Advanced Mobility Products?

Advanced Mobility Burnaby has 3 MVSA Certified Sales Representatives to facilitate the sale of the vehicle right here in our Burnaby location or in the comfort of your own home.

What funding is available for vehicles and conversions?

Please contact us directly to discuss your options through alternate funding agencies.