BFF-LTC 5000 Aerus Cool Mattress

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The LTC 5000 Aerus Cool Memory mattress incorporates memory foam comfort with greater air flow for a cool, comfortable sleep experience for individuals in Long Term and Acute Care. This mattress is a combination of Aerus and UA35 memory foams with the ability to conform to your personal body shape, thereby providing customized support just where you need it.

  • Specially designed for Long Term or Acute Care
  • Up to 8 times more air flow making for a cooler sleeping surface
  • Fluid proof cover is designed to reduce shear and friction
  • Covers are non-allergenic, anti-bacterial & fire rated
  • Custom sizes & applications made locally
Bed Width Standard to custom
Bed Length Standard to custom
Overall Width Standard to custom
Overall Length Standard to custom
Weight Capacity 350lbs
Product Weight Variable