Bentley Express

Manual Wheelchairs, Tilt & Recline
Base Price
$2,750 CDN

The Bentley is an easily self-propelled manual tilt-in-space wheelchair that tilts 20 degrees from a front pivot point allowing the user to keep their feet on the ground even while the chair is tilted. Pressure management, positioning and the ability to keep active users feet on the ground make the Bentley a top choice for facility, fleet or home use.

  • Ideal for frail individuals with limited stamina.
  • Tilts 20° while keeping feet on the floor, ideal foot propeller.
  • Improves posture.
  • Prevents sliding out.
  • Effortless propulsion.
Product Weight Approx 42lbs
Weight Capacity 250lbs
HD Model Available YES - 450lbs
Seat Width 14 to 22 - 32(HD)
Seat Depth 16 to 22 in
Growable YES
Seat to Floor Heights 13 to 20 in
Back Style Various
Back Height 13 - 20
Adjustable YES
Arm Rest Adjustable
Rear axle Style Adjustable
Castor Options Various
Rear Wheel Options Various
Tilt 20°