With so many products in the marketplace it can be a difficult proposition to know where to begin. Completing a needs assessment with one of our Product Specialists is the best place to start. “Strength in knowledge” is where our consultative business model aids in ruling out the solutions that fall short right away allowing for more time to be spent pairing the right piece of equipment to your short and long term needs the first time.

Manual Wheelchairs come in many varieties, configurations & price points. From a basic transport chair to a custom built titanium rigid chair, we maintain a full complement of demo equipment so you can try before you buy it!

Power Wheelchairs offer 3 drive configurations, Front, Mid and Rear. Pairing the drive style that best suits your lifestyle to maximize your independence is where our extensive Demo fleet allows you to try before you buy.

3 Wheel, 4 wheel, All Terrain, Travel size? If you are unsure of the style, size or model that best suits the independent lifestyle mobility scooters offer, please ask for a thorough Equipment Needs Assessment.

If your lifestyle takes it to the court, trail, beach or gym, we have the experience of both providing and using this equipment ourselves so we know exactly what you need and how you need it – FAST!

There’s No Place Like Home, help keep it that way! We know home is where the heart is and that is why we have the products, experience and attention to detail to make sure your home is set up as it should be with short to long term care solutions.

Having a physical need for equipment to help with your mobility does not end with a wheelchair or scooter. Extend the range of your mobility with a fully accessible van, all terrain side-by side or have our certified installers modify your existing vehicle with a wide selection of hand controls.