Invisia Luxury Grab Bars

Home Health Care Equipment, Bathroom Safety
Base Price
$TBA +Installation

Make one of the most utilized rooms in your home the safest room. Invisia has created a luxurious line of Grab Bars that take style and function to a whole new level. Feel proud knowing that safety and style go hand in hand with these grab bars that are hidden in plain sight. Grab bars are professionally mounted into wall studs or supports behind the wall however, if the grab bars are being mounted into a hollow wall or there are no studs, inserts into the wall are strongly recommended.

  • Luxurious and Safe Gripping Surface
  • Solid Fall Prevention Installation (call for installation quote)
  • Various sizes shapes and styles to fit your safety & décor needs
  • Non-intrusive spa styling
  • A confidence inspiring addition to any bathroom

Visit our showrooms to experience the many designs, features and options to suit your décor and comfort needs.