X8-Extreme 4×4

Power Wheelchairs, All-Terrain
Base Price

The Extreme X8 is the ultimate 4 wheel drive power chair. Primarily an outdoor chair, the X8 will take you through the softest sand beach to the rugged woods, dry creek beds and snow. The patented passive steering system and 4-1,000 watt allow you to go where other wheelchair users have never gone before.

  • 4x4 off road performance
  • Heavy duty 4-pole motor 1,000 watt motors!
  • Capable of driving in sand, snow, water & mud
  • Optional, tilt, recline, seat elevation
  • 6.2mph top speed
Product Weight N/A
Weight Capacity 400lbs
Grade Angle 15°
Seat Width 16”-24”
Seat Depth 16”/18”/20”
Base Width 28”
Base Length 45.25” min.
Seat to Floor Heights 19”/20”
Electronics Dynamic Controls-DX2
Battery Size G24 75amp/hr
Drive Motors 4 Pole
Speed 6.2 mph
Tilt & Recline Options Available
Suspension *Top Secret*
Alternate Drive Controls N/A