Ranger 904S

Power Wheelchairs, Rear-Wheel
Base Price

An exceptionally powerful, Drive Power Base with Custom Modular Gear Ratios for High Speed or High Torque The right type of 904S can tackle steep hills and gravel roads, sandy beaches or zip through the parkways and train stations. This base offers an amazing amount of options, variations and possibilities.

  • Robust & adaptable patented chain drive transmission
  • High speed/high torque options
  • 120 AMP R-net electronics
  • Tie-down hardware for strap system
Product Weight N/A
Weight Capacity 400lbs+ options
Grade Angle 10°
Seat Width Adj 17”-23”
Seat Depth Adj 14”-22”
Base Width 24.75”
Base Length 32.5” w/o rigging
Seat to Floor Heights 20
Electronics VR-23/R-Net (PG)
Battery Size G24
Drive Motors 4 Pole
Speed 3mph & 7mph
Tilt & Recline Options Available
Suspension Dampened Front
Alternate Drive Controls Yes - R-Net