Advance Care Preventative Maintenance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” 
Benjamin Franklin

With that inspiration we set out to originate an industry change and we are now proud to offer an industry first. The Advance Care Preventative Maintenance program is our guarantee to you that your equipment will be maintained and in top running reliable condition both during and after the manufacturer’s warranty. Keeping on top of general maintenance and inspecting known wear and tear items through our Preventative Maintenance home visits is where it begins. Eliminating down time and reducing the chance for an unpredictable break down is where this program proves its worth; and what is a program like this worth?

Every client of Advanced Mobility is covered by Advance Care. It’s a free service to all of our clients and welcome to those who would like to make a change. From wheelchairs and mobility scooters to lift chairs, stair lifts, ceiling track systems and Van Conversions, Advance Care is there to keep your independence in motion!

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