Advanced Financial Services

Get the equipment you need, when you need it!

We have recognized the need that customers are looking for a clean, simple and scalable solution to fit their equipment and financial needs.


Why You Should Consider                                  Leasing your equipment.


  • Leasing is the most effective way for you to manage the cost of replacing or acquiring the equipment you need while maintaining your savings.

  • Many people & facilities choose leasing over buying in order to avoid large up-front cash outlays, credit line costs or high credit card burdens.













Advanced Financial Options ensure you get the equipment you need in 3 easy steps…

                Key Benefits of Leasing

  • 100% Financing
  • No large down payment is required to start a lease. Leasing puts the equipment to work for you immediately, at minimal up-front cost.
  • Extended Warranties, Service Plans and Installation costs can all be included
  • Leases can be transferred or assumed
  • Flexible Terms – 12, 24, 36, up to 60 months
  • Bundle your purchase to get everything you need, when you need it
  • Conserve your cash or credit lines!

What would my payment look like?

Amount Financed 3 Year Term p/month 4 Year Term p/month 5 Year Term p/month

$ Down   $0.00

Terms  Based  O.A.C.
$4000 $155 $130
$6000 $233 $195
$8000 $311 $260
$10,000 $389 $325
$14,000 $479 $385 $328
$18,000 $616 $494 $425
$20,000 $684 $549 $475
$30,000 $1027 $825 $710
$65,000 $2225 $1,788 $1,530
Buy Out Terms Based   O.A.C

O.A.C – For well qualified applicants


What Therapists, Clients & Funding Agents are saying about Advanced Financial Services

  • We’ve never heard of THAT before, that makes so much sense!

  • That would make it MUCH EASIER for clients and their families!

  • Financing the purchase creates a better alternative for my clients!

  • It would allow more people to get what they really need instead of being forced to settle for a lesser product just because they cannot come up with all of the finances at once!

  • We can purchase beds, commodes, wheelchairs and Extended Warranties for the same price over the term than paying all up front for just beds!

  • We can go ahead and get the next newest product as soon as our term is up – No more antiquated equipment for us!